Sunday, May 10, 2009

Passing the time durring the days in Wisconsin

Basketball and bikes! The weather was so awesome! From snow to 80 degrees in just a few days!

And Grandma enjoyed the Sun!

Darrien and Julia. This is a great revolving tire swing thing. Someone was very inventive!

Aww! That was me not long ago. (About 30 years) Wow how time flies!

Lake Michigan

We ran up to Michigan City to check another great lake off our list. I had no idea it was so windy!! We could barely walk, got sand blasted as soon as we got out of the van, Made the kids take a quick photo and all but Orion had enough. Jim, Orion and I walked to the shore and touched the water. We ate sand for days and I still have some in the shoes I wore! The sand in the engine area was still there days after we were in Wisconsin! BUT.. We Saw Lake Michigan!

On to the Wisconsin shots

more games

An intense game of battle ship

Grandma di Wii bowling!

Baseball on Wii

jim Playing games with the kids

I love this picture

A game of Hopscotch - Go Grandma!

I want one of these mouse wheels! Look how tired he is!

Old merry go round are great!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jason's visit to the Hotel

crowded around Morgan

never is pudge so cute as it is on a baby

I can't wait to take this one home with me!! Say the word Jason - she's mine!

all her other shots were blurry. She doesn't stop long enough!

Orion makes a great drum for MiMi!

He was quite brave by the end of the day!

First day blogger

Ok, I've done it: I blogged,
I expect all those who visit this blog to at least make a comment when you are here,
even if it says -------was here.
Just so I know this is worth my time!!

I'll start with our most recent events. Our trip To Wisconsin. We stopped in Ohio to see Jason Knouse and Family. The girls keep getting more cute as they grow! We got to see baby Morgan for the first time. What a ball!

But first .. the pool.

I am so proud of Alexis. Gabriel is not a water lover but big sis was soooo patient! Wasn't long and he de-clinged.

Darrien and Orion
are quite the little guppies!